This year, things are working a little differently. Since Santa can't come and visit your little ones in his Grotto, we thought we'd create something with an edge of extra originality that you can keep forever to truly surprise your friends, family and children. Our talented team of tech savvy Elves are on call to help you create the most remarkable gift this Christmas. 

When purchasing one of our uniquely personalised Santa messages, be assured that Father Christmas himself will address directly your children, friends or colleagues, is an amazingly magical gift that is bound to be considered highly thoughtful and unlike anything received before.



Are you wondering what your child would like for Christmas this year? Would you like the magical man himself to offer advice that will let your little ones behave better? A video made by Santa Claus is a perfect idea! Our tailor made and totally individually personalised videos are made by the elves and Santa himself. A whimsical, animated journey starts the video, welcoming you to the Pole, before swiftly entering Santa's warm and welcoming office. Santa sits in his big red chair at his desk, focusing purely on the individual you provide information on. Using their names, ages, any achievements and secret facts about their home life, Santa is able to transport your loved one into the magical realm of Christmas. At your request, Santa can reprimand certain behaviour and suggest, subtly, why behaving is important - along with fun and interesting facts about Christmas itself. The conversational style will lead onto Santa confirming he has indeed received their list (or knows it's on the way) - even mentioning some of the gifts they have requested. An elf will help Santa read the Good List to double check that your loved one is on it. It's so simple!



Once you contact us, an Elf will send you out a short questionnaire to fill in - this is the personalised part. The more details you are able to give us, the more realistic and magical the experience will be - the joy will last more than just for Christmas.

Santa's schedule is very busy leading up to the big day, however, we have managed to secure him on Monday/Wednesday/Friday' till 23/12/20 - these will be our specific filming days. Once complete, our Elves will edit the videos together and send you them, in the highest quality, to download and keep forever via an email link.

This year has been a tough one. Let's not let it ruin the magic of Christmas!


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