★★★★★When I arrived my mind and anxieties were immediately put to rest. Ryan and Hâle are an amazing duo from the start. They made me feel comfortable, made me laugh yet still maintained a fun but professional air. It was a new experience to have two photographers capture you on the same day. This is a fantastic idea as photographers in my view, are artists/ painters with an individual canvas and set of paints in which to capture you with. So it was great to have that opportunity within the one shoot. Especially with two lovely people. So much was done in such a short space of time which was great, very efficient etc for all us busy folks ;) . What was also brilliant is that they, in such a short space of time were able to go through wardrobe in a wonderfully colour coordinated way, with different styles and moods to help create very different characteristics and depths to my personality. Some worked wonderfully, appearing very like the roles I would wish to be cast as in the future. I received the proofs the same evening which was really quite fast considering how busy they are. I was very impressed with the overall quality even prior to any crops or slight edits. This made the choice very difficult as they are all such fantastic photos. (Of course they had already narrowed it down to the best ones). They have a great system in which people you send the link/ or yourself can vote to pick the best headshots. As they say , never pick your own. So far I have since been able to narrow down the best, and there in the end are still so many. I would most certainly recommend Ryan and Hâle in terms of quality, value and for a good, fun and memorable session! - Alia E. Torrie

★★★★★ I had a lovely time working with Ryan and Hale from F&M Media recently and would highly recommend them. It really helps that not only are they experienced photographers they also come from a performing arts background, so they are brilliant at working with you on the type of performer you are and how to best portray this effectively. - Curtis Desire

★★★★★ I’ve never had a professional headshot session until I shot with these gems, absolutely lovely people through and through and genuinely talented and passionate about what they do! - Tate Birch

★★★★★ Never felt more comfortable getting headshots done. These guys really understood how I wanted to represent myself and I’m confident I will be back in a couple years. - Greig Mair

★★★★★ I booked in with Hale and Ryan on there first week of there fringe deals they have been doing. Even though it was only half an hour. I had a fab time. Got some fab headshots that look so professional. I even considered booking again because the deal is such a good price and I had such a lovely time! I’ve been recommending to friends left right and centre. These toe make a great team and know their stuff! Don’t think about booking just do it! - Megan Birley

★★★★★ Really friendly from the offset and genuinely listen to what you have to say, making you feel super comfortable right away. Amazing product at the end and just all round fantastic. - CJ Miller

★★★★★ Some of my favorite headshots ever! They were so specific and detail oriented. Highly highly recommend! - Cara Corrigan

★★★★★ I Had my pictures taken during the 2018 Fringe. It was the first time I have ever did anything like this done apart from agency pictures, I was made to feel at ease it was if we were old friends, I will be getting in contact with them again for more pictures as must if my friends love them. If you are thinking of getting headshots done I most definitely would recommend them. - Ian Taylor

★★★★★ This was a very professional and helpful company. They gave very specific directions during the shoot itself, so I could hit a range of emotions in a way easiest for the camera to capture. After the shoot, they advised me which headshots were most likely to lead to professional castings immediately after my request. Finally, the editing times are extremely quick, but do not lead to a lower quality - the whole process took a handful of days, far less than a week, and ended up with fantastic shots. I highly recommend this company. - Isaac Allen

★★★★★ Professional. Eye for bringing out the tiniest details of perspective and reality in one. And just as important.... Genuine. and honest in the approach. Recommend Highly. - Mark Harvey

★★★★★ An extremely easy shoot. Plenty of pointers on what to wear and constant good direction to ensure the best quality shots. Ryan and Hale go above and beyond to make the shoot personally tailored to you and give you a great service I would highly recommend to anyone. Great job guys and looking forward to working with you again in the future! - Cameron Docker

★★★★★ Met Ryan, and Hale today for my photoshoot who are F&M Media. I proper enjoyed my shoot, and had a class time hanging out with the both of them, a very down to earth team. They are also a first class service, with a surging popularity and promising future. They are very professional in their approach to their work, with having a special eye for the clients needs. They live and breathe this stuff. If you want quality for your portfolio then come to F&M Media- you get what you pay for, and believe me, they are worth that extra penny, but even then they are affordable for the quality that they bring to you. Look no further than F&M, if you want that agent, or casting director to have their head spun! - Dominic Taylor

★★★★★ I had a Premium Headshot Photoshoot with Hale and Ryan from F&M Media today and I highly recommend working with them. We met for the first time today, but I was so instantly comfortable with this personable and professional team of highly talented creatives that I feel we've parted as friends. Both Hale and Ryan give direction very well and offer an excellent and swift photography service; they go over and above their call of duty to make their pre-booking, photoshoots and aftercare a fantastic experience for every customer. I rarely like pictures of myself, but know they are necessary to get where I want to be with my career; usually I struggle to find one photo of me that I feel happy and confident with, but with F&M Media I honestly struggled to pick just the handful I actually needed because there were so many strong images to choose from. If money was no object, I would have ordered double the number of edits! My body confidence is through the roof with how good I look in the photos from today and that's all thanks to Hale and Ryan! Their prices are more than reasonable (and payable in instalments) for this wonderful service and I'm already looking forward to booking a Portfolio package with F&M Media in the near future. - Eilidh Ellery

★★★★★ Ryan and Hâle are absolutely wonderful at what they do. Their direction is very clear and the end result is 100% worth every penny spent. Cannot recommend them enough if you need or want some shots taken for a portfolio! - Gordon Horne

★★★★★ I cannot recommenced these guys enough! After being worried about the shoot and being very quickly put at ease with the coffee chat before hand (which is great for getting to chat about what you are going for). They are so good at keeping you calm and laid back throughout the shoot and giving you instructions of things they would like from you. Had a bronze head shot package and will definitely be back for a portfolio shoot. - Brooklyn Robertson

★★★★★ Such welcoming yet professional experience! I was nervous and they made me feel at ease, would 100% recommend to actors or any performers in the making! Also seeing another persons perspective on your casting type can open your eyes to other things to work with to grow as an actor. - Amy Murray

★★★★★ First time getting headshots done and I am very happy with the work done by F&M media, Ryan and Hale are very professional but also made me feel at ease. Treated with care and respect and it was nice knowing that they had been through the process themselves. Great direction to help reveal your full potential. Definitely have a promising future ahead of them - Rhys Watson

★★★★★ Hale and Ryan are lovely, friendly Photographers who really help you relax and have fun during your shoot! The payment plan is perfect for us cash strapped students. - Natalie Rose Vaughan-Smith

★★★★★ Great experience, easy process and felt at ease. - Megan Wilson

★★★★★ Absolutely great service. Professional team - Hale and Ryan make you feel immediately comfortable and work great together to get the best shots for your casting; using unique and beautiful locations in Edinburgh. Would use again in a heartbeat. - Russell Coid

★★★★★ Great experience with them, made me feel relaxed, great directors and the shots were amazing. - Rachel Dunlay