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A: Everyone who books with us will receive a specially created PDF pack that explains everything from: clothing choices to suit your look, colours to bring, hair & make-up, healthy tips to adopt before the shoot and what to think about before you arrive in terms of your own unique character and castability.

Q: I always feel awkward getting my photo taken - what should i do?

A: We're used to working with people who are nervous. Many of our clients experience their FIRST EVER headshot session with us. We'll make sure you're relaxed at our coffee meeting first before we even consider pointing a camera at you - it's our job to make you look relaxed so don't worry about that!


q: I'M not sure what to expect - Will you tell me what to do?

A: Both of us will be at your session. When one of us is taking your photo, the other will be focusing on lighting you up. Then we will swap. With us, you get two photoshoots, by two photographers in the one session!

We will fully direct you on how to sit, pose and request emotional intentions from you. All we ask is that you bring to the shoot, an energy and willingness to play. It's really important you trust us as your photographers if we ask you to try something crazy - remember the worst that can happen is that we delete the bad photo's.