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Your session with RYAN...

Hey! Thanks for visiting my gallery 

Happy for our session to start with a cuppa & a chat... feel free to BYOB (beverage, not booze... it's working hours after all) or I can make you a coffee. There's nothing worse than turning up and shooting immediately; I know when I go for my headshots, I like to arrive and feel relaxed in my environment before I'm expected to be vulnerable in front of a camera. Don't worry - I'll also play some music because silence is awkward.

I'm known to be rather unorthodox with my approach to direction - I like to vibe with you in the moment and throw potentially challenging ideas at you to try. I love when clients come with a sense of openness; it lets us play freely in the room - the worst that can happen is that the photo is shit, we hate it and press delete. For me, it's important that the outcome of our session together represents a real collaboration between photographer & artist. My style of photography is less led by character shots and more about capturing a powerful portrait that not only showcases your physical likeness but also documents a sense of who you are to the viewer. This focus seems to be working successfully amongst my clients as regular feedback suggests that with their headshots, they're being called for more auditions. My Standard package results in you getting 4 final edits and my Headshot & Portrait package, 6 final edits. Option to purchase extra available.

If you'd like to work with me as your photographer, head back to my gallery and click the BOOK RYAN button - send me: your name, the package you're interested in along with any student/spotlight discount information and your availability. I'll get back to you with an email, a suitable time & invoice asap!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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